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This section best describes all types of information and queries in regards to mobile signal booster technology, 3G mobile signal booster, 4G mobile signal booster. FR Technologies is a pioneer in providing solutions to those who are facing trouble in mobile signals.

What is Mobile Signal Booster?

Mobile Signal Booster is the best solution to resolve call drop problem, poor signal problem, signal congestion problem, low signal problem that keep arise in home and offices today. Mobile Signal Booster works on wireless technology where all the mobile service providers are working on now a days.

The amplifier is connected between the outer antenna and the indoor antenna via a wired connection. The indoor signal amplifier has complex circuitry, which increases the external network with greater power. Then it sends an enhanced signal to the indoor antenna and converts the received indoor antenna to the waves of the same frequency as received by the external antenna. So basically, the mobile phone booster is a device that extends the external mobile signal based on the need. The complex circuit incorporates external power and increases the signal strength to the desired extent. It is important to understand the function of Signal Booster. You are being told in step-by-step ways that how do mobile phone signal boosters work.

1. The cellophane amplifier includes an external antenna which receives the signal present and provides the amplifier with the help of cable. Therefore the external antenna installation process is very important. The outer antenna should be placed in a place where the signal is -50DBM.

2. The received signal is only moved forward through and local barrier is eliminated. It is usually done to ensure that there is no barrier to reaching the signal up to the indoor, and the signal can be transported to the inside with full strength.

3. Received signals by the amplifier are broadcast with the help of indoor antenna, which gives mobile devices a strong signal.

Advantages of using Mobile Signal Booster Technology?

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Advantages of Mobile Signal Booster

  1. Enjoy better calls with higher voice clarity
  2. High mobility
  3. Faster internet and stable connectivity
  4. Easier to install and maintain
  5. High selectivity and affordability

  1. Enjoy better calls with higher voice clarity
    Signal boosters amplify mobile network signals giving your mobile phone a better signal strength to make clearer calls with reduced noise and distortion. Modern signal boosters minimize technical noise in voice calls giving you a clearer and improved voice over the phone.
  2. High mobility
    Signal boosters are small in size and can be mounted on your car or caravan. Feel the ultimate confidence of being in constant connection with the outer world as you travel to the farthest and most remote locations. Install it at home or in your office. Most mobile phone signal boosters also support simultaneous multiple calls. Receive every important call without an issue. Here are you can about the best cell phone signal boosters.
  3. Faster internet and stable connectivity
    Connect to the internet from where you are and enjoy a stable and uninterrupted connection. You can experience a problematic mobile broadband internet experience due to various reasons. Sometimes, even when you are living in a highly crowded urban setting you can experience the slow internet. Large buildings with thick concrete walls can stand as barriers to network signals. As a result, mobile signals are available in lower strengths in large housing complexes and flats. Installing a signal booster can alleviate the problem effectively.
  4. Easier to install and maintain
    A signal booster can be installed without expert support. It consists of mainly two components. The antenna receives mobile network signals and transmits it to the amplifier. Amplifier improves the signal strength and retransmits it. Mobile phones and other devices can receive amplified signals in the operational area.
  5. High selectivity and affordability
    Signal phone boosters are available in various models for your exact requirement at different prices. GSM signal boosters are relatively cheaper than 3G and 4G signal boosters. You can select and purchase the suitable booster according to your need.

Types of Mobile Signal Booster?

1. 2G Mobile Signal Booster
2. 3G Mobile Signal Booster
3. 4G LTE Mobile Signal Booster
4. 2G 3G Mobile Network Booster
5. 2G 4G Mobile Network Booster
6. CDMA Mobile Signal Booster
7. Tri Band Mobile Network Booster
8. Dual Band Mobile Network Booster

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